The big chop by Yasmin!

Long straight hair being cut into an off the shoulders length with long layers by Yasmin at the klinik hairdressing London

This is the big chop done by Yasmin. When her client walked through, she had her hair down to her waist and expressed her wish to refresh and go from long t short. Yasmin gave it an off the shoulders length cut with soft layering throughout. Beautiful cut that looks soft, tousled and elegant. She finished off by blowdrying the hair using Olivia Garden round brush with Sebastian Professional Trilliant that adds a high shine finish.

The perfect cute bob!

Hair cut into a sharp bob by Anna at the kinik hairdressing London

Here we have a great little teamwork by Anna and Leyla. Leyla started by toning our clients hair with a L'Oreal Diarichesse.24 . Gives a beautiful soft tone. Anna gave it a slight angled bob shape with a soft graduation to create a perfect blend and curve to the bob. To finish off we used Olivia Garden brushes and Sebastian Professional Trilliant to add high shine!

Valentine ready? With our offer.... this girl is!

Pink textured bob shape coloured with a natural root drag by Anna at the klinik hairdressing London EC1R 4QE

First day of our Valentine colour offer and our client of ours jumps to the occasion. What better way to be Valentine ready then to go vibrant Pink with Schwarzkopf Igora Colorworx! When Anna's client came in she had a grown out bleach blonde style. Anna started by creating a root drag using L'oreal Luo colour and after apply the pink to create a soft blend. The cut was left with a long textured fringe with a tight graduation in the neckline. This shape can be worn sleek or messy..... all depends on the mood of your Valentine date!

Christmas come early when you get to cut these kinda shapes!

Short haircut with a long fringe area sweaping off the face done by Anna at the klinik hairdressing London

This is the best Christmas present to a get to cut a shape like this and have fun doing it! Anna did a side and undercut with scissor over comb and using Wahl clippers to give a soft blend. The top was disconnected with a long fringe area that can be worn both up or down. Here we dressed it out to give a quiff to show off the sides and to add volume to the top. Christmas definitely come early.....Love it!

Practice makes perfect! Beautiful balayage by our graduate stylist Yasmin

Haiar model has medium blonde hair that Yasmin worked a beautiful balayage on at the klinik hairdressing London

Our graduate stylist Yasmin has done a beautiful balayage on her clients hair. She is going from strength to strength and we are all so proud of her! When her client came in she didn't have any colour on her hair and expressed her wish for a balayage. Yasmin used pre lighteners throughout to give a more dense blonde at the ends and painted with a free hand technique to create a soft blend towards the roots. When required lift was achieved she applied a toner to create a perfect soft blend from roots to ends. Practice makes perfect!

Gorgeous balayage by Leyla

Long hair being transformed into a soft balayage by Leyla at the klinik hairdressing London

This is what we get so much requests for at the moment. Not only is it a gorgeous colour, but it is also a very low maintenance colour as there is a natural root drag from the top and the ends are the blondest! Leyla worked with Wella Blondor and Olaplex to create this beautiful balayage and after she toned it with a creamy blonde. Looking at this colour we wish summer was back soon!

Party hair ready by Yasmin!

Long blond hair being tonged by a ghd irons to create a tight curl for the fesive season by Yasmin at the klinik Salon LOndon

Weather you want your hair silky smooth and straight, a shiny tight curl or a beachy wave for the festive season......come in and see Yasmin or Carlo and they will make you party ready! On this occasion Yasmin has firstly blow dried her clients hair and then continued by tonging the hair using GHD irons to create the tight curl. Products used was Pillowproof by Redken that will help your hair to bounce back the next day!

Brunette to Blonde by Leyla

Two pictures showing a client with brunette hair and then being coloured into a blonde by Leyla at the klinik hairdressing London

Check this out! What a transformation Leyla has done to her clients hair. From coming in as a pretty brunette, she walked out as a stunning blonde!Leyla highlighted the hair throughout to really create an overall blonde but with a soft root shadow and drag to keep it soft and also as it grows out it will give a softer regrowth. She used Olaplex throughout her service. To finish off she gave it a soft beachy wave throughout with the GHD irons. Styling it this way you will be able to see the soft blend of tones and subtle texture throughout.....we love this transformation!

Pink passion!

A short ladies haircut with a long fringe pre coloured whie and then toned into a soft Pink by Leyla at the klinik hairdressing in London.

This was a team work between Leyla and Anna. Leyla started by pre lighten the hair with Wella blondor and Olaplex and then had some hair fun with a cocktail of toners to achieve this gorgeous pink. Anna cut and textured the hair throughout and gave it a soft blowdry using Sebastian Trilliant and Olivia Garden brushes to give body, texture and shine. A great shape that can be worn both smooth or messy!