Throwback colour

multitoned pastel hair colour done in a plait to create colour texture at the klinik salon

Throwback - Colour by Leyla. We are so excited to get back doing what we love most. At the moment our return date hasn’t been confirmed & we are still looking at 4th July. As soon as it is confirmed we will be in touch with everyone, on our priority/ waiting lists. Excited for summer to bring back the colour fun  Wondering what clients will be up for some colour!

Pink to blonde by Anna

Pink hair showing a transformation to a blonde done at the klinik hairdressing London

This transformation was done for Anna’s lovely client! She is always up for changes, but for a while she had just topped up her pink at home! We started by pre lighten her roots and then using a low formula to cleanse out her mid length and ends. After, we pre toned the hair before selecting the finished tone. We settled for a soft pearlescent blonde! Olaplex was used throughout the whole service. We kept the graduated bob, by just lifting up the back slightly. So so pretty!

Hide your white!

two images of showing how to hide your white hair with a simple zig zag parting at the klinik hairdressing London

So here we all are.... three weeks in lockdown and the roots or whatever you have, are creeping in!  In my case as you can all see, it’s the grey or white as I like to call them, which are showing up! But by doing a simple zigzag parting you can hide them super easy and survive another couple of weeks! Give it a go!