RBS and Natwest payment system failure, features the klinik on Channel 5 News

Did you get caught up the in the RBS and Natwest payment system failure yesterday? Well many did including one of our clients who went to 5 News to report. The Klinik has now featured on the news show with lovely Shiki Takagi being able to assist her! Check out this clip!

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Book Release – Guide to London featuring female entrepreneurs

Covet London is a guide celebrating female entrepreneurs and all they have accomplished. These women add diversity to this great City by putting their hearts into their business and giving back to their communities.
The Covet Guide connects you with inspiring female entrepreneurs who help shape the culture of this eclectic city. You will be introduced to a diverse range of creative, talented women in business; from innovative fashion designers with the latest styles, to hands on healers that miraculously dissolve your stresses to food experts with delectable delights.   These are the people we love to meet, the places and spaces that nourish us, the resources that we covet!

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15 Year Anniversary - a brief history of the klinik's journey

"Time flies when you are having fun" that is so true in the klinik story. 15 years have passed by and I can clearly remember every moment of what the klinik team have been up to. From starting up, moving location, parties, and trips abroad to………………oh I forgot…….all the hairstyling!
The klinik started in the autumn of 1998 at 65 Exmouth Market. Together with the excellent architectural team, (24/ 7) Block, we both embarked on working together on our first project. That turned into the beginning of something great! It was a quirky small building, but I loved what it transformed into. 10 years on and growing I decided to move location and create an even better place.

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