Blonde to Electric Blue, a possibility thanks to Olaplex!

colourchange from blonde to Electric blue with help of Olaplex.

We like a challenge at the klinik. Thea has transformed this young ladies hair from a medium blonde to an Electric Blue with the help of Olaplex. She started by lifting the hair with L'Oreal Blonde Studio powder. After achieving the required base she was happy with she rinsed the hair and applied Electric Blue mixed with Whiter Shade of Pale by Fudge Paintbox. The result is a blended multi tone of blues that trails through her long flowing hair. After many hours in the chair our client was over the moon with her new hair colour.

Icy highlights using Olaplex done by Anna at the klinik

Icy highlights using Olaplex in the colourapplication at the klinik hairsalon

Anna's client is having her hair highlighted and toned to get her icy blonde highlights perfect! Having highlights you need an upkeep probably minimum every 6 - 8 weeks. Quite often highlift tints and bleach is being used. You hair will be pushed and the hair strands elasticity will be tested. With Olaplex we can now minimise this damage by using olaplex in every colour application. Olaplex is mixed in to your colour and while processing, reconnect broken disulfide sulfur bonds in your hair! It will  make your hair stronger, healthier, and your colour will last longer.

Refresh your blonde hair with Pink moon by Fudge Paintbox

Change your blond hair by using Pink Moon by Fudge at the klinik salon

Having white blonde hair? Want a change of tone? Why not book in at the klinik to change your tone with Fudge Paintbox colour range? Anna's client had previously gone from dark to blonde using Olaplex but felt she wanted to change her tone. She used a combination of Fudge paintbox Whiter Shade of Pale and Pink Moon to create this beautiful playful pink. You can go as strong or as soft in colour tone.....the choice is yours!

Colour correction done by Thea using Olaplex at the klinik

Colour correction using Olaplex at the klinik salon going from dark to light

Our client has had every colour under the sun! She recently had gone back to a natural brown for a couple of years, but inside she has always been a blonde! When she heard about Olaplex she took the opportunity to do her colour transformation to a sunkissed blonde! Thea gently took her to her requested colour and the result is another success thanks to Olaplex.

Amazing Olaplex at the klinik

Going from Dark brown to light Blonde using Olaplex at the klinik hairdressing

We like a challenge at the klinik and our new product partner is the amazing Olaplex! This transformation was done by Thea. Her client walked in with dark, coloured and patchy hair. She had been told by many salons the blonde request she wanted was not possible to achieve. We at the klinik like to think different. With Olaplex we have the possibility to slowly and more gently create the colour requested by any client. Our client was so pleased and amazed by the result and was so happy she had found the klinik!

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