Olaplex gives us the tools to create amazing changes at the klinik.

Dark brown to light Blonde using Olaplex at the klinik hairdressing

As you can see from our photos our client had highly home coloured hair with multi tones of brown going through it. She expressed her wish to becoming a blonde and contacted us when hearing we were using Olaplex. Once again, Olaplex allows us to work on the hair further without compromising the structure and strength to the hair. Thea started by cleansing the hair to remove as much as possible of the built up colour. She continued by applying highlights throughout the hair and also adding shades to the root area to create a more natural base.

Fringe benefits!

Fringe benefits at the klinik, make a big impact with a small change.

Sometimes when having natural light or white hair, it can be difficult to make an impact to your hair with low maintenance. When Shikis client came in she recommended to add a bit of fun to the fringe area. She framed the underneath hairline with black colour and played with different blue tones by Fudge Paintbox colours, turquoise and electric blue. She placed them under her clients hairline to minimise any regrowth. It gives her client a really personal finish and strength to her bob!

Take right decisions in a colour correction at the klinik

Hair colour correction from light to dark.

When doing a consultation for a colour change or correction there is many things to consider. The first and most important is the hairs condition and what is possible. In some cases we can not always give the client what they wish for, for this particular reason. Our clients hair had been home coloured and bleached many times and was very fragile at the start. Thea consulted and after carefully diagnosing the strength of the hair decided against going lighter.

Look after your Summer hair with this Redken deal!

Redken cosmetic bag deal at the klinik salon.

Summer is coming to an end and autumn is knocking on the door! Now is the time to look after those sun kissed highlights and strengthen and rebuild your locks! The klinik are offering clients who are purchasing a Redken Shampoo and Conditioner will also be able to get a Redken Mask half price and a fun cosmetics bag for free by Redken. The masks are great revitaliser for any holiday tired hair. To get the best result follow these steps:
After shampooing apply to towel-dried hair.
Leave on for 5 minutes (for deeper conditioning leave on for as long as desired).

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Pick up URBAN WALKABOUT and get to know the neighbourhood a little bit better!

Urban Walkabout free copy feturing the klinik

We are excited to get the first copies of URBAN WALKABOUT publication! Pick up your free copy at the klinik salon and see us being featured on spot no10. We are in good company with other local businesses in Exmouth Market but also other little gems in the area!

Here is a little introduction to our beautiful neighbourhood:

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Beautiful blue tones using Wellas Instamatic Ocean Storm

There are many ways of changing a white blonde to something more fun for a period of time! Wella's Instamatic colours is one way of doing it! Thea at the klinik added a blue tone using Ocean Storm to create this amazing colour. Who knows, maybe next time she might go for a Pink Dream or a Jaded Mint, the choices are endless!

Colour change with Olaplex, copper red to cool blonde with amazing results!

Copper colour change to a cool blonde using Olaplex

Shiki at the klinik transformed her clients hair from a coloured copper colour to a beautiful cool blonde. By using Olaplex she was able to do this change in one go. She colour cleansed her clients hair first. Afterwards, she did two sets of highlights throughout to be able to lift every strand to required lift before adding the requested tone to her clients hair. Her hair looked and felt shiny and strong thanks to Olaplex which continues to impress!

We are saying goodbye to Valentina

We are saying goodbye to Valentina. After many years at the klinik, combining her hairdressing with her other passion, Yoga, she is now taking the leap to pursue her Yoga career. We feel sad to lose her but happy for her on her new venture! She will be in the salon until Friday the 14th of August which will be her last day. Valentina will recommend her clients to other team members and we will look forward looking after all of you!

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