Revolutionary Collexia Professional Hairdryer

The Collexia Professional Ultrafast Hair Dryer has been designed with a dual turbine fan that can dry and allow the use of a thinner nozzle to give more control and direction. It has a unique treatment facility that is simple to use but gives amazing conditioning results. The dryer end comes off so you can insert a treatment stick that is saturated in nutrients and conditioning ingredients that when used with hot air, blasts onto each hair shaft for maximum results. With three different treatments you can choose which one will be best for your hair!   

REPAIR TREATMENT - Chemically treated and fragile hair

This treatment is infused with Keratin, Silk proteins and multivitamins. It will transform chemical treated and fragile hair feeling stronger, with more body and superb shine.

HYDRA TREATMENT- Dry or course hair

The ingredients of this treatment is Milk proteins, silk proteins and multivitamins. It will make the hair feeling nourished with greater softness and high shine finish.

BEAUTY TREATMENT - For all hair types

This treatment will make any hair feel super soft and give a beautiful shiny finish. Filled with Silk proteins and multivitamins, it will look after any hair that are after that perfect finish! 

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