Louise 28 Jan 2016

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I have visited many London hairdressers over the years, and they usually let me down in terms of a) listening, b) checking and giving advice and options, c) quality of service and d) clarity on pricing. This is where klinik EXCELS. My first consultation was a good 15 minutes long, where we looked at a lot of colours, a lot of my reference pictures, checking the exact colour was the same we both meant, and was given a number of options of ways we could achieve the look I wanted, loads of information on what would work, how it worked, benefits and advantages etc, and tons of general non-patronising, clear information - I truly felt like I came away having learned a lot! I was also given a quote with the absolute top price I would be paying for ALL the services, if I took the option of them all. For my actual appointments, care and time was taken, and I was kept informed of what was being done. The end result was wonderful - using olaplex kept my hair healthy and shiny despite a full head of highlights! I have since been back for a haircut and the same care and attention was given and I loved my bouncy, shiny hair afterwards! Thanks to the team for all their time and talents.