Iridescent gold balayage by Mark

Asian black hair being coloured into a iridescent gold balayage by using Wella pre lightener and L'Oreals toner po1 to create a golden finish. All done by Mark at the klinik hairdressing London.

When Marks client came in to see us her hair was a natural darkest brown. She felt it looked a bit heavy and flat. Mark suggested to create a soft iridescent golden balayage. This way she will have lightness and texture throughout but without creating a heavy root regrowth in a month time! He pre lightened her hair with Wella Blondor with Olaplex. When the right level of lift was achieved he toned it with L'Oreal Luo to produce a multi tonal supernatural golden blonde! GHD irons was used to create a soft tousled beachy finish......simply stunning!