Exmouth Market wins the "Great Street" at the 2011 Urbanism Awards

Exmouth Market in Clerkenwell, London, has been crowned best in Britain and Ireland. It won the title of 2011 Great Street at the prestigious Urbanism Awards, which recognises the best, most enduring or most improved urban environments. The event is run by The Academy of Urbanism, whose members include industry-leading architects, planners, engineers, developers and designers.

Exmouth Market has successfully transformed itself in recent years into a vibrant thoroughfare, with an exciting array of fashion boutiques, restaurants and cafés. In doing so, it has cast off outdated preconceptions and become an integral part of thewider regeneration of Clerkenwell ”

John Thompson, Chairman of The Academy of Urbanism


The street has a unique and distinctive sense of place, identity and cultural resonance, and draws on its history of spas and the Italian community and a market which is over 120 years ago. The marketplace is also home to London’s only Italian basilica style church, built in 1887. Since the mid-nineties the street has undergone a steady programme of regeneration, leading to an influx of restaurants, cafés, bars and independent book, hairdressing, record and gift shops. Exmouth Market is an early example of the shared surface approach in this country, creating a pleasant experience for walking around, shopping and people watching. It has managed to attract and retain a number of excellent businesses with a strong reputation.

Exmouth Market has been successful in achieving an enviable balance of higher quality improvements and investments attracting higher social-economic groups on one hand while retaining its attraction and active support for other less fortunate groups – it seems to be a place for all social groups and ages. The area has an excellent community mix of residents, workers, clued-up tourists and those visiting the local shops, cafes and services. The residential population helps to keep it busy at all times.

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