Dark brown to blonde in one visit at the klinik!

How to change a colour from dark brown to icy blonde on asian hair in one visit.

Asian hair is notoriously difficult to lighten and no two textures are the same. Every hair textures takes in colour and bleach differently. So how do you highlight your dark hair without the dreaded orange interval? Some people say you can not achieve a cool blonde on asian hair in one visit.......which we have proven you can with the help of Olaplex! Thea used pre lightner with Olaplex all through her service and lifted the hair slowly. When lifted to the required tone of pale yellow she rinsed off and applied a frosty milkshake. As her client has had the problem of never achieving this perfect blonde without the unwanted warmth, she was overjoyed with the result Thea gave her at the klinik salon.