Clients home boxdye to all natural by Jenni

Hair that has been coloured at home with a box dye colour and when she come in to the salon she wanted it to be a more ntural finish in tones by Jenni at the klinik hairdressing London

We get a lot of clients through the door at the klinik asking about home dye. How to remove them, lighten them, tone them etc. We always suggest for all clients to come in for a free consultation as every hair history is different. On this occasion Jenni wanted to neutralise her clients brassy tones and lightened the dark regrowth. She applied lots of finely weaved highlights throughout, mixed with different tones to keep it super natural and blended. All throughout she used Olaplex in the colour service. She used Sebastian professional Taming Elixir and Trilliant to blow dry the hair with that stops the hair being static and also give it ultimate shine!