what's up at the klinik

Goddess hair using Easilocks by Leyla!

shoulder length hair has been extended using Easilocks system. 100 strands was used in 3 different shades. All done by Leyla at the klinik salon London

When Leylas client came in her hair had been cut previously elsewhere. When fitting extensions it is better if the hair is less blunt. She added 100 strands of Easilocks hair in 3 different shades, 40 x Light Brown, 40 x Frosted Caramel and 20 x Chocolate Latte.By adding multi tones you will achieve a very natural finish that blends perfectly with the clients natural tones! Simply an Easilocks hair goddess!

Ice white blonde by Leyla

Short hair being pre lightened and toned to an Ice blonde and blowdrieed with a quiff finish.

Leylas client who has newly totally changed her style has come in to touch up her roots. When wanting to have hair this silver/ white blonde it is really important to come back around 6 to maximum 8 weeks. This then gives the stylist the possibility to touch up the roots and eliminate any banding. After, Leyla used a beautiful silver toner to create the ice white! To style it differently the hair was blowdried by Sam in a quiff style. Even short hair has a wide variety to have a different finish!

Brittle to Bounce by Yasmin

Long hair has been trimmed and blowdried. As hair was very brittle and dry, Unites 7seconds conditioning spray was used to detangle it and then used Olivia Garden brushes and GHD irons to get the perfect finish.

When hair is long and the client wants to keep it as long as possible, the most important is product use. Yasmin's client hair was in desperate need for moisturising, so she used Redken's All soft range at the back wash and the lovely 7seconds by Unite to comb out the hair. To finish off and give the hair a perfect bouncy finish, she blowdried the hair using Olivia Garden brushes and the large GHD irons. What a transformation......and its still long!

Beach ready!

Blond hair has been highlighted using Wella, Loreal and Olaplex. To finish off its been blow dried with a soft wave and the finished off using GHD irons to get a tousled effect.

A beautiful blonde has been created by Leyla. She has highlighted the hair throughout using prelighteners and Olaplex. After she used a toner to create the perfect beachy finish. To see the tones even more she gave the hair a tousled finish using the GHD irons. This hair is ready to hit the beach!

When it's hot you want a cute litte bob!

A short bob has been cut to expose the neckline in the hottest of weathers. Hair done by Anna at the klinik hairdressing ondon

In this heat we are all tempted to cut our hair short. And what a perfect shape with this cute little bob done by Anna. She left the outline blunt and straight and after drying the hair she started to point cut to create a soft invisible layer throughout. By cutting it this way you create a rounded shape on the sides with lots of movement. She used Redkens Velvet Gelatin and Olivia Garden brushes to blow dry and give it a smooth perfect finish!

Get your rollers in for the perfect bouncy finish by Yasmin

Yasmin Blowdried her clients long hair and after she set it with large velcro rollers to add rootlift and bounce at the klinik hairdressing London EC1R 4QE

Sometimes a long hair needs a little extra lift and support to set when blow drying. Yasmin started by applying Redkens Aerate to give hair hold and volume and used Olivia garden brushes to smooth. After each section was done, she rolled the hair onto Velcro rollers to set. When all done she gave it a light hairspray and let the hair cool down. After removing the rollers she used her fingers to loosely dress the hair out which gives it a superb finish.