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Want an instant change to your white/ grey hair?

Lady with grey hair adding Schwarzkopf Intant blush Jade on her ends to make her hair look minty green on ends done at the klinik hairdressing.

When our regular client comes in she want to change her natural white hair tone from time to time. This is when we always play around and recommend Schwarzkopf Instant Blush range. Its a commitment-free pastel spray for soft, translucent pastel reflexes. Schwarzkopf’s Instant Blush is a leave-in spray, that can be used for creative techniques and colour placements, lasting up to 3 washes. Its a great product that you can also take home and top up for when you fancy! It comes in 4 different shades, Jade, Steel Blue, Strawberry and Ice. Get creative!

Product of the week!

Product of the week ‼️
"The key to fighting frizz is all about controlling moisture levels and locking the cuticle down as tight and smooth as possible. "
Why not come in and try out these amazing Color Wow Dreamcoat products with our walk-in blow-dry offer for only £20‼️

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Hair Smoothing Alert.....The storms are gone so time to smooth your hair down! Now is the perfect opportunity with 20 % discount offer on our Kerastraight service. This offer will run throughout February 2020.

Here are the advantages of the Kerastraight service:
* Reduces Frizz
* Reduces blow drying and straightening time
* Makes hair more manageable, shiny and smooth
* Can smooth curls up to 70 %
* Lasts up to 3 - 4 month


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Beautiful balayage by Corina

Girl with long hair standing holding up her newly balayaged hair to the camera done by Corina at the klinik hairdressing London.

Corinas client had a grown out balayage that she wanted to refresh. Her hair is the darkest brown so Corina started by colouring in a balayage technique using Wella Blondor mixed with Olaplex. To achieve the cool tones running through the hair she had to make sure the required lift was achieved on this dark base before rinsing it off. She then applied an ashy cool tone to neutralise any warmth coming through. To finish it off she used the GHD irons to give it a soft wavy finish. Simply beautiful!

New product alert... Color Extend Brownlights by Redken!

Two products by Redken stand on the sofa at the klinik presenting the Color Extend Brownlights by Redken.

Banish those brassy tones and take the richness out of your brunette hair with the Redken Color Extend Brownlights Shampoo and Conditioner! Specially created for both natural brunettes and hair that’s been highlighted, the blue shampoo uses cool pigments to combat warmth and unwanted orange tones. When used regularly, the shampoo rebalances and revitalises the colour of your hair, leaving it truer to when you walked out of the salon.

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