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Amazing Transformation!

A client walks in to the klinik to ask for a massive transformation from long blond hair to a short peroxide blonde pixie cut. Great teamwork by Anna and Leyla at the klinik hairdressin in London

This is one of the most fun moments being a hairdresser! When a client comes in and says they want a total transformation. This was a team work by Leyla and Anna. Anna started by cutting the short pixie cut in with a freehand technique through the sides and the top. Leyla took over and did a global pre lightening, she toned it to an icy white and introduced a mixture of Manic Panic tones in a range of pink and lilac to the fringe.It's a great change and she absolutely loved it......and so did we!

Cutest little bob by Anna

Cutting a hair that the client wants to start to grow out, giving her a short cute little bob with Texture inside but the outline is blunt all done by Anna at the klinik hairdressing London

When Anna's client came in she had a very short layered haircut that she was starting to grow out. Her hair is very thick and course so suggested a shortest little bob with a blunt outline. This way when it grows out it will stop looking untidy as it grows out. We also introduced a short fringe as this will make the whole cut look immediately longer. To finish it off we used Unites Lazer straight to smooth out any unruly kinks and glazed over with the GHD's to get that perfect smooth finish!

Get that summer hair ready with a sunkissed balayage!

Long natural blonde hair has been coloured with a balayage technique to achieve a sunkissed blond finish. Leyla used pre lighteners with Olaplex to lift and then applied a toner to achieve a soft finish.

This is the best way to get your hair ready for all holiday and festivals that is looming in the month ahead! Leyla started by pre lightening her clients long hair with a balayage technique. When the required lift was achieved she applied a toner to soften it and get that just off the beach sun kissed look! Its easy to maintain and the upkeep is to a minimum..... perfect when you are busy having fun in the summer holidays!

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Natural balayage and soft GHD waves

Hair being coloured using prelightener and then toned with diarichesse Loreal by Anna at the klinik hairdressing London Exmouth Market

A balayage can come in many levels of lift and contrasts in tone. This natural balayage was done by Anna using pre lighteners with Olaplex. When required lift was achieved she toned it with L'Oreal diarichesse to give a soft root drag but keep the natural blond towards the ends. So Natural and now the sun can do the rest to give it the extra sun kissed look! To finish it off it was styled with the GHD irons to give it a soft beachy wave.