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Get your rollers in for the perfect bouncy finish by Yasmin

Yasmin Blowdried her clients long hair and after she set it with large velcro rollers to add rootlift and bounce at the klinik hairdressing London EC1R 4QE

Sometimes a long hair needs a little extra lift and support to set when blow drying. Yasmin started by applying Redkens Aerate to give hair hold and volume and used Olivia garden brushes to smooth. After each section was done, she rolled the hair onto Velcro rollers to set. When all done she gave it a light hairspray and let the hair cool down. After removing the rollers she used her fingers to loosely dress the hair out which gives it a superb finish.

Sam's editorial fashion story for Elite, Model Bruna

Sam's editorial fashion story for Elite, Model Bruna. From the klinik hairdressing

When working with curly hair avoid any products that have an alcohol base as they will dry out the hair. Instead try a cream or oil based product as they will give definition and add moisture to the hair. If you need to fix your hair in any style use curling gels or oils, hairsprays will get your style to last. For Bruna Sam used Redken Curvaceous Full Swirl and Unite 7 Seconds Condition Leave in Detangler and he finished with Oribe Impermeable Anti-humidity Spray.

Soft balayage by Yasmin

Naturally dark hair has been coloured using a balayage technique to create a soft blend by Yasmin at the klinik hairdressing

We are proud of our new graduate stylist Yasmin that has created this beautiful soft balayage. She started by prelighten the midband and blending through to the ends, using a freehand technique. When required lift was achieved she used a toner to soften and give the hair a natural finished blonde. To bring out the texture, she styled it by using GHD irons to give it a tousled finish.

Come and meet our new Stylist Sam!

The klinik has a new stylist called Sam. He does everything from cuts and colours.

This is Sam and he has just joined the klinik team as a stylist. Ever since he accidentally walked into a hair salon he has enjoyed playing with hair. That was 8 years ago and since then he has developed himself as a creative stylist with an intense passion for session styling. In the years since he first did his first haircut he has worked to create his personal style taking inspiration from a lot of places but mainly from street wear and fashion. Within fashion he has also assisted and directed his own shoots and also been assisting for shows at London Fashion Week.

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Easilocks extensions by Leyla

Hair being lengthened and extended using the easilocks system, done by Leyla at the klinik hairdressing in London.

Perfect additional length and perfect colour match! When using the easilock system you can get the perfect colour blend and choose your required length and amount of strands to your hair. On this occasion Leyla added about 70 strand of hair with a mix of Frosted Caramel Ombre and Sand/ Vanilla. The result is seamless and as you can see on the image, can be worn straight or adding a soft wave throughout.