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Thea's August colour promotion

Bank Holiday colour special!

Want to refresh your highlights, have a brighter glossing or just a new colour altogether?

Now is the time……

Thea is offering 30 % off all colour services August out!

Just pop in or give her a call on 0207 837 3771 and she will be happy to look after you!

Please mention “Thea’s August colour promotion” when booking.

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It's a wax! It's a paste! It's a cream! It's a CONUNDRUM!

It's all of the above! Be creative and create any look from messy to sleek with just this one jar!

• Combines the benefits of waxes, pastes and creams

• Shapes any look from messy to sleek

• Offers a medium, flexible hold

• Washes out in one shampoo

• Free of Parabens and Sodium Chloride

WET USE: Rub a small amount of CONUNDRUM Paste between your palms and work through damp hair for hold, separation and shine.

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Hairstyles for Helmets: Side Sweep Barrel

Another creation by the klinik for when you are on the go on your bike! Beautiful hairstyles that take minutes to create and won't get spoilt underneath your helmet! Tried and tested out by TWC...
The Side Sweep Barrel is perfect for when you’re looking for a quick and simple hair transformation that will keep intact during your journey and for the whole night that awaits. Follow these simple steps and try it out for yourself!

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