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No toner V toner explained

two images of coloured blonde hair one without toner and the other with toner done by Leyla at the klinik hairdressing London

We get a lot of questions regarding colouring process and highlift tints v pre lighteners. On a lighter base hair you can sometimes achieve a soft blonde without using pre lighteners, but in most cases we would recommend using pre lighteners and then applying a toner after the achieved lift has been reached. When using toners you can also decide on what tone you would like to have. It can be any tone from golden blonde, beige to icy silver white.....the choice is yours!

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Asymmetric bob by Anna

Asymmetric bob shape going from long to short side to side cut by Anna at the klinik salon

A bob comes in many shapes and forms. An asymmetric bob can be worn in may ways and looks interesting from different angles. After cutting the outline a soft graduation was cut in. after the hair was blowdried Anna textured the graduation further using a point cut technique. This will give the graduation a soften finish and the hair will feel lighter and more movable.

Copper and gold.... this hair is on fire!

Medium long hair having copper and gold tones running through it all done by Anna at the klinik hairdressing

Our client is always open for new colour changes and what wouldn't a hairdresser love more then to have artistic freedom and play with colours? Anna started by pre lighten her clients roots using Wella Blondor and Olaplex. She then sectioned off triangular panels on the sides and weaved chunky pieces through the fringe, colouring them a yellowish gold tone using Manic Panic.On the rest of the roots and hair a coppery rosegold was used by L'Oreal. The cut was given an angled fringed with choppy layers to add texture, and a tousled finish was created by using GHD irons.

The big chop by Yasmin!

Long straight hair being cut into an off the shoulders length with long layers by Yasmin at the klinik hairdressing London

This is the big chop done by Yasmin. When her client walked through, she had her hair down to her waist and expressed her wish to refresh and go from long t short. Yasmin gave it an off the shoulders length cut with soft layering throughout. Beautiful cut that looks soft, tousled and elegant. She finished off by blowdrying the hair using Olivia Garden round brush with Sebastian Professional Trilliant that adds a high shine finish.

The perfect cute bob!

Hair cut into a sharp bob by Anna at the kinik hairdressing London

Here we have a great little teamwork by Anna and Leyla. Leyla started by toning our clients hair with a L'Oreal Diarichesse.24 . Gives a beautiful soft tone. Anna gave it a slight angled bob shape with a soft graduation to create a perfect blend and curve to the bob. To finish off we used Olivia Garden brushes and Sebastian Professional Trilliant to add high shine!