what's up at the klinik

Another beautiful blonde by Leyla

girl with platinum blonde hair in a black top

Leyla’s client used to be blonde all over. However, the past few sessions. She has started working with her clients natural colour to give a more balayage effect. This is a great technique to soften regrowth & give some more time between retouch visits! With everything going on at the moment, we want our clients to have the best long lasting colours! mUsing Olaplex as always!

Blonde refresh by Leyla

Girl with long blonde hair having had it refreshed by Leyla at the klinik salon

We are loving these multi-tonal blondes at the moment! So much more natural with little maintenance. Leyla’s client decided she wanted to start working with her natural colour, as her previous blonde felt too solid. Over time, she will keep with using more than one colour, to maintain a multi colour finish! Of course, using Olaplex throughout to keep the hair nice & healthy & using our favourite Wella Pre lighteners!

Soft regrowth colour by Leyla

A hand running through a newly coloured hair at the klkinikk London

After a long lockdown and us hairdressers being closed, we will come across some clients that have experimented with box dyes. Her client wanted to start to grow out her natural colour with some balayage pieces throughout. Leyla started by hand painting with Wella Blondor and in between the foiling she applied a brown colour to even out the lighter mid band. When everything was done, she toned the balayage to a soft natural dark blonde! No more bands and a natural regrowth! Win win!

What a transformation by Jenni!

A girl with a multi coloured bob in tones of copper, pink, purple and yellow, wearing sunglasses at the klinik salon London

Her client has been waiting for this moment for a long time.....and today was the day! Jenni started by prelighten a panel at front and on the rest a copper tint was applied. She then applied a mixture of colours to create some block tones and some to merge with each other. Olaplex was used throughout. It’s playful, bold, strong, fresh, fun and colourful and it definitely stands out! Perfect for a picnic in the park which was her next destination!

Multitone blonde by Corina

A hand with red nail varnish is holding a newly coloured blond hair at the klinik salon London

Gorgeous multitones highlights done by Corina. Her client is about naturally 50 % grey and wanted to blend it all and do an all over refresh! Corina did a full head of highlights with Wella Blondor and after toned with L’Oreal diarichesse. Olaplex was used throughout to keep the hair in ultimate tip top and look at that shine! To finish off Olaplex Bonding Oil no7 was used.