what's up at the klinik

The first snow flakes came today.....Christmas is at the klinik!

The klinik hairdressing has the Christmas tree decorated and up in full lights! we are serving Swedish Mulled Wine every Friday and Saturday throughout December. Book to doyour hair! Call us, Get festive ready!

The first snowflakes of the year couldn't have come at a better time! The Festive season has arrived at the klinik! The tree is up and gloriously lit up with our little Santa watching over us. The Mulled wine with its beautiful aroma will be served in the salon every Friday and Saturday to get us in the festive spirit! Book your appointments in to get your hair ready for the party season and let us get you ready for the Christmas celebrations!

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Christmas has come early.....LOVE this New Rosegold from L'Oreal!

Hair prelightened using Wella Blondor and Olaplex. After using a 9.02 and Clear Dia Richesse and then to top it off the New Dia Richesse Rose gold .24.

We absolutely LOVE this new Dia Richesse Rosegold toner from L'Oreal that arrived at the klinik like an early Christmas present! When Jennis client came in to see us she immediately recommended this new tone, She started by Pre lighten with Wella Blondor and Olaplex. When the required lift was achieved she applied Dia Richesse 9.02 with Clear and then lastly applied the new Dia Richesse tone of .24......All we want for Christmas is........Rosegold!

Autumn Red Mauve Bob by Jenni

Hair being coloured Red Mauve using Loreal and Olaplex. Finish by Sebastian Trilliance and Unite 7 Seconds shine spray by Jenni at the klinik hairdressing in London

When your client comes in and say she wants a strong colour and a cut...this is the result! Jennis started off by sectioning of the fringe in a panel to colour it a copper tone. She then applied a Red Mauve tone on the rest. All with L'Oreal and Olaplex to keep hair in optimal condition! To finish off, she used Sebastian Trilliance to give a light but yet optimal shine to her blowdry. After Unite Texture spray was used to separate the hair and give it a slightly textured finish!

Amazing hair transformation by Leyla using Easilock system

Amazing hair transformation by Leyla using Easilock system at the klinik hairdressing

This transformation is just not in length of hair but also in colour! Leylas client was a light blonde initially and expressed her wish to go dark.She coloured her clients hair and colour matched it to get the perfect blend! 120 strands was used and the result is simply stunning in length and colour matching, and as you can see it can be worn both straight or wavy!

Amazing blonde Esailocks transformation by Leyla

Natural blonde haor has been extended using 140 strands of Easilocks hair in 4 different tones. Leyla at the klinik is a specialist in hair extensions.

What a result! Leylas client expressed her wish to have super long blonde hair...... the best way to describe it is like "princess hair". To keep it still looking natural in tones she used 4 different shades. 40 strands pearl& oak, 40 strands sand & vanilla, 40 strands cream and 20 strands vanilla smoothie. In total 140 strands was used that will give the ultimate length and body she wanted. Hair was first blow dried smooth with Easilocks Leave in conditioner spray and Easilocks Rose Gold Oil. She then used the GHD irons to give a bouncy wave.

The perfect subtle balayage fade by Leyla VIDEO

Hair has been coloured into a soft subtle balayage using tones of beige blond to not get any harsh lines.

This beautiful Autumn/Winter balayage has been created by Leyla. We all feel when summer is over our hair can feel a bit too light and in some cases a bit brassy. Leyla has played with tones of beige blonde to give a soft merge from her clients natural dark roots. She used Loreal products and Olaplex throughout and the hair looks super shiny and healthy with loads of natural tones within!