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New products at the klinik! Superior styling performance by OSiS+ Session Lable

New products at the klinik! Superior styling performance by OSiS+ Session Lable

A style icon expects superior styling performance delivered in a salon world of premium sophistication and simplistic luxury. Catering to these individual needs, OSiS+ Session Label provides the finest styling range, ensuring superior performance, true craftmanship and long-lasting perfection, all tailored to reveal your own iconic style. Our three little favourites are:

OSiS+ Session Label Miracle 15

SUPER VERSATILE styling balm with 15 benefits helps to prime, protect, define, control and add shine to hair

Lightweight care with styling properties

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Amazing Easilocks transformation by Leyla

Short hair has been extended to long using the Easilocks system and all natural hair by Leyla at the klinik hairdressing London

Amazing hair transformation with Easilocks system by Leyla. These pictures shows the before and after and how natural and beautiful it looks! Leyla put 140 strands Easilocks in to create a longer and fuller effect. She mixed the tones with 80 strands Natural Brown & 40 strands Frosted Caramel & 20 strands Ice Toffee, to create a natural and soft blend to her clients hair. Gorgeous summer hair!

Embrace and enhance your natural curls!

Natural curly hair has been given texture by giving it a natural sunkissed balayage by Leyla at the klinik hairdressing London.

When you have a natural curly hair.......why not embrace it and enhance it with a natural sun kissed balayage! Lela started by pre lighten her hair with Wella Blondor and using Olaplex throughout. She then picked a tone that looks very natural and sun kissed to bring out the curl. While drying the hair she started by applying Redken Ringlet and diffused to get a definition to the curls! This is a beautiful and natural healthy summery  hair and we are ready for the sunshine!

Go colourful with copper into pink by Jenni

Hair being coloured a copper into a pink by L'Oreal and Manic Panic by Jenni at the klinik hairdressing in London EC1R 4QE

Colours are there to be played with and combine! On Jennis client she has opted for a copper base that fades into a pink! Jenni started by pre lighten the mid length and ends and then colour the roots a bright copper by L'Oreal and toned the ends with Manic Panics Pink Pussy Cat. Its a beautiful blend and a really custom made personal finish for her client!

This hair is on fire! Intense copper by Leyla

Long hair being coloured an intense copper colour from L'Oreal Inoa range. It looks like the hair is on fire by Leyla at the klinik hairdressing in London

This hair looks like its on fire! It is one of the most beautiful intense copper we have seen in a long time, and proud to say that Leyla at the klinik is fully responsible! She coloured her clients hair with the ammonia free colour INOA from the L'oreal range. It gives an ultimate shine finish which shows clearly here. Whit these intense colours it is especially important with the right after care, and here at the klinik we would recommend Redken Colour Magnetics Shampoo and Conditioner for the clients after care at home. Simply stunning!


Champagne supernova!

Who doesn't like the name Champagne.......and it's an excellent name for a hair toner from Goldwell! Mark started by pre lighten the roots with Wella Blondor and all along with Olaplex. His client wanted to start to have a tone that was having a little bit extra then a white blonde....... and Champagne is the answer! It looks beautifully tousled with the GHD finish and it compliments her skin tone and eyes to perfection!

Guy Tang Kenra colours by Jenni

When Jennis client came in she expressed her wish to have guy Tangs Kenra metallics but not just as one tone. She started by pre lighten the hair combined with Olaplex. She then applied the tone by using Kenra SV and Kenra VP. It gives her client a subtle texture and depth to her hair and they compliment each other so well!  She finished off blow drying the hair smooth with a soft bend at the ends using Olivia garden brushes.

Guy Tang Kenra silver metallic by Jenni

 Prelightened hair being coloured into a silver metallic using Kenra colours by Guy Tang by Jenni at the klinik hairdressing London

Jenni started by pre lighten her clients hair to the right level for achieving this amazing looking silver metallic by Kenra. When she applied the Kenra she started on the roots with 7SM and as she worked her way to the ends she used 10SM. This way she will be giving her client a soft rootshadow that will always look nicer on a silver metallic finish! Olaplex was used throughout the service. Simply stunning!