what's up at the klinik

Coloured brown hair to a smokey soft pink by Mark

Coloured brown hair has been pre lightened using Wella and Olaplex to keep hair in top condition throughout.

Marks client had coloured dark brown hair and wanted to lift it up to the lightest blond with a smokey pink finish. Mark started by lifting mid and end length and then moving on to the root area. When required lift was achieved, he toned the hair into a soft smokey pink. Through out Olaplex was used which is essential for these colour corrections. A stunning end result!


Summer blonde to autumn blonde by Leyla

Long light blonde hair has been coloured toned down to create a more autumn blonde tone.Leyla created a soft ash blond all along with Olaplex.

When Leylas client came to see her she felt it was time to tone down the summer blonde. Leyla applied a soft ash blonde with Olaplex and created a root drag to create depth and minimise future regrowth. Its a stunning autumn colour which will give her minimum up keep! To style it Leyla used Redken Iron shape and GHD to create a soft textured wave throughout.......effortless and beautiful hair!

Lovely Leyla works her magic!

Hair being extended using Easilock system by Leyla at the klinik hairdressing. Using a total of 60 strands of Frosted Caramel Ombre, Biscuit and Sand/Vanilla.

This amazing hair extension was created by our very talented graduate stylist Leyla! She started by colouring her clients hair by doing her roots with L'Oreal Luo and Olaplex. After drying the hair straight she added 60 strands of a combination of colours, Frosted Caramel Ombre, Biscuit and Sand/Vanilla by Easilocks. This way the hair is being extended but also super blended to look ever so natural!

Iridescent gold balayage by Mark

Asian black hair being coloured into a iridescent gold balayage by using Wella pre lightener and L'Oreals toner po1 to create a golden finish. All done by Mark at the klinik hairdressing London.

When Marks client came in to see us her hair was a natural darkest brown. She felt it looked a bit heavy and flat. Mark suggested to create a soft iridescent golden balayage. This way she will have lightness and texture throughout but without creating a heavy root regrowth in a month time! He pre lightened her hair with Wella Blondor with Olaplex. When the right level of lift was achieved he toned it with L'Oreal Luo to produce a multi tonal supernatural golden blonde! GHD irons was used to create a soft tousled beachy finish......simply stunning!

Long blonde hair ready for summer by Leyla using Easilocks

Leyla has used Easilocks system to add length to her clients already blonde hair. If you want longer hair in an instant? Come and see Leyla at the klinik!

If you want instant longer hair which is easy to look after and looks super natural...... come and see Leyla at the klinik. She used 120 strands of blond hair to extend using the Easilocks system. Not only does it blend and look super natural it is also very easy to look after using the right products from Easilocks. If you are interested in more information, come in and see Leyla for a free consultation at the klinik. We absolutely love it!

Summer balayage by Jenni

Dark blond hair has been coloured with a balayage technique using Wella Freelights and then tone it with a L'Oreal dia colour at the klinik hairsalon EC1R 4QE

This is a beautiful subtle summer balayage done by Jenni at the klinik. She started by using Wella freelight to hand paint the areas she wanted to colour. When lifted to required tone she applied a soft natural tone using L'Oreal dialight range. The hair was cut into a soft graduated bob and finished of by giving a tousled wave by GHD irons. Healthy, soft summer hair!