what's up at the klinik

One cut and colour... two different finishes!

A balayage showed off in two different finishes, straight or curly done by Anna at the klinik salon London.

Anna created a very soft natural balayage by using Wella Blondor and L'oreal Natural highlift with Olaplex. We wanted to show how different the colours come out while wearing it straight or curly. With the straight finish its an all over softer blend. If you want to show off more depth and texture, then wearing it curly is the way forward. The choice is yours!

Pastel Rose all the way!

Natural copper toned hair being coloured pastel rose by Anna at the klinik hairdressing

When Annas client came in she wanted a total change. She had a golden blonde already through her hair and wanted to change to an ice/pink blend. Anna started by doing a global pre lightener using Wella Blondor and Olaplex. She then dried it and after adding a root drag and coloured the midlength and ends into an ice white. The final stage was to place the Pastel Rose that was diluted by 10 Cream by Goldwell to soften the pink. It was handpainted on in a balayage technique. Anna cut a cute little graduated bob and finished off by using GHD irons to create a soft tousled finish.

Study in style!

Long naturally dark hair being balayaged into a soft chestnut brown by anna at the klinik hairdressing London.

When our client Nikki came in she took a little break from her A-levels. Her hair is naturally very dark and she expressed she wanted to add a very soft balayage. We started by prelighten and hand paint with wella Blondor and Olaplex. When the required lift was achieved we added a soft natural tone. This student will study in style!

Lets be playful with colours!

shoulderlength hair coloured pink and yellow by Anna at the klinik hairdressing London

We had a fun day at the office yesterday! Annas client Taragh is always up for a change and a play with colours. Anna started by prelighten the roots with Wella Blondor and Olaplex. She then sectioned off the hair, painting on Manic Panics Sunshine and Goldwell Pastel Rose. The colours compliments each other so well and with the sectioning you can choose to show more or less of the yellow. To give it a textured finish we used Redkens Ironshape and GHD irons to give tousled effect. Love it!

Soft red balayage by Anna

Shoulder length hair being balayaged into a red soft blend by Anna at the klinik salon in London

When we talk about balayage we mostly think of a blonde blend. Here Anna has done a soft red variation on a shoulder length hair. She applied pre lightener with a freehand technique, leaving out the roots and also did some highlights in a softer red and copper red. After she applied Manic panics Electric Lava. To finish she used the GHD irons to give it a soft tousled finish enhancing the tones!

Upgrade your blonde!

medium blonde hair has been highlighted throughout to upgrade it to a fresh summery blonde by Leyla at the klinik salon in London

Over the winter season hair tend to always go a bit darker and flatter in colour. When Leylas client came in she wanted to refresh and upgrade her blonde. She applied highlights but not all the way to the root to keep it looking a little more natural but not as much as a balayage. This way it will grow out softer and a minimum upkeep is required, and when the sun is coming out it will keep on going a little lighter!


Natural curly hair cut by Anna at the klinik hairdressing London.

When Annas client came in she had long curly hair but was keen for a change. We decided to go above the shoulders with a slight drop to the front. Doing a soft graduation going into a layering she created as much volume and curls as possible. To finish she used Redken Ringlet to finger twist the curls and then use a diffuser to dry. We love curly hair......so if you got it flaunt it!