Amazing blonde Esailocks transformation by Leyla

Natural blonde haor has been extended using 140 strands of Easilocks hair in 4 different tones. Leyla at the klinik is a specialist in hair extensions.

What a result! Leylas client expressed her wish to have super long blonde hair...... the best way to describe it is like "princess hair". To keep it still looking natural in tones she used 4 different shades. 40 strands pearl& oak, 40 strands sand & vanilla, 40 strands cream and 20 strands vanilla smoothie. In total 140 strands was used that will give the ultimate length and body she wanted. Hair was first blow dried smooth with Easilocks Leave in conditioner spray and Easilocks Rose Gold Oil. She then used the GHD irons to give a bouncy wave. When using the Easilocks system it is highly recommended to use Easilocks products to maintain the beautiful hair! Princess hair at its best!