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Glitzy platinum blonde by Leyla

Long hair has been highlighted to create a platinum blonde with Olaplex by Letla at the klinik hairdressing in London

Here we have a real glitzy red carpet platinum blonde! Leyla has highlighted the hair throughout and as the ends was a bit dull with old toners she used Olaplex no2 and a bit of Wella Blondor and it cleansed it out beautifully! When it had lifted to required lift, Leyla applied a toner to create the whitest platinum blonde. To finish she used Olivia Garden brushes and the large GHD irons to give a soft tousled look. Adorable!

Straight blowdry with an extra little twist!

Long dark hair being blowdried straight with an extra two cornrows on the side to give it an extra twist by Yasmin and Sam at the klinik hairdressing London EC1R 4QE

Here at the klinik we do a lot of blowdries. You can either pre book your appointment or take advantage of our walk in offer for a special price of £ 20 that will be available to you if we have a stylist free. On this occasion Yasmins client wanted her long hair super sleek, but with a little extra two cornrows on the side. When Yasmin had finished, Sam took over to plait to give it the personal touch. Stylish and nice for any occasion!

Clients home boxdye to all natural by Jenni

Hair that has been coloured at home with a box dye colour and when she come in to the salon she wanted it to be a more ntural finish in tones by Jenni at the klinik hairdressing London

We get a lot of clients through the door at the klinik asking about home dye. How to remove them, lighten them, tone them etc. We always suggest for all clients to come in for a free consultation as every hair history is different. On this occasion Jenni wanted to neutralise her clients brassy tones and lightened the dark regrowth. She applied lots of finely weaved highlights throughout, mixed with different tones to keep it super natural and blended. All throughout she used Olaplex in the colour service.

Colour offer at the klinik 17th - 28th of September 2018

Colour offer at the klinik 17th - 28th of September 2018

Summer tired hair? Need a refresher tone? Grey roots? Whatever the need you will have, this is the offer for you! We are having a 20 % colour sale on all our colours when booking a full price cut or blow dry with Leyla, Sam, Yasmin or Carlo. The offer is on from Monday the 17th of September to Friday the 28th of September. Excludes Saturday. When you call to book just mention September colour offer! We look forward to get your hair in tip top shape after the amazing summer we have had!

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Pretty in pink

A highlighted hair can be in so many ways and tones. Here Sam has worked with the clients natural tone and also lightened it up to the blondest blonde. He weaved super fine sections so to blend and give a soft look. After he added a toner to give it a more icy finish. All along he used Olaplex to go side to side with the colour application. To finish off he blowdried it using Redken Velvet Gelatine and Olivia garden brushes to give a soft but smooth finish.

Red to blonde? YES....It's possible!

Coloured red hair has been coloured blonde with back to back highlights and added a root shadow to keep a naturalness. All done by Leyla at the klinik hairdressing London

We all want a change sometimes but we all know going from red to blonde can be a challenge especially if the hair has been coloured red previously. Leyla highlighted the hair back to back using Wella pre lighteners and Olaplex to keep hair in top condition. She toned the hair and did a root drag to keep it soft and natural from the roots. After giving it a trim and slightly lifting the back to give it a lob effect she blowdried and used the GHD irons for a tousled beachy wave. Such an impressive transformation. We absolutely LOVE it!