the klinik hairdressers

Islington, Farringdon and Clerkenwell's favourite hairdressers in Exmouth Market EC1.

the klinik hairdressers are the premier hair salon in Islington. Located near Holborn and Angel Tube Stations in the lovely Exmouth Market, the klinik opened to the public in September of 1998. The design was developed by Block architects and Anna Forsling the salon owner.

Based in the heart of London's EC1, its modern, exciting and new design was created with the idea to show each client a three-dimensional view of their new hair design throughout their visit.

Each styling unit has a tall, slim mirror specially designed to hold a TV monitor providing the client with a natural line of view from the cameras that hang above.

At the klinik we are a team of senior stylists that provide everything from cutting to all technical work. We pride ourself on our high standard of service and offer all our clients free consultation and free fringe trims between their visits.

We look forward seeing you at the klinik!

Latest from the klinik!

  • Long hair being braided from side to side embedded inside like a fishtail braid by Sam at the klinik hairdressing London
    This is a beautiful interwind braid done by Sam. He has worked side to side finishing off with a smaller braid at the top to give it texture and definition. When you have different colours in your hair, a braid is a great way to show different tones...
  • Hair being pre lightened and then toned using global toner by Schwartzkopf by Jenni at the klinik hairdressing
    This is simply a stunning vibrant colour done by Jenni. She started off by pre lighten her clients regrowth with Wella Blondor and Olaplex. After she used a Schwartzkopf toner that gave her client the most vibrant Fuchsia! To blowdry she used...
  • Hair being fingerwaved usin gel and leaving the ends of the hair tousled and big backcombed by Sam at the klinik hairdressing in London
    Being a bit inspired by London Fashion Week Sam created a beautiful fingerwave in the front. To keep a more modern fashion look, he backcombed the rest of the hair to create lots of volume and texture. If you want something special for that special...